Participants will have an opportunity to join different activities:

  • 8 mini-MBA meetings
  • networking sessions
  • mentoring sessions
  • demo day

At the end of the project, participants will:

  • create a network of like-minded people
  • develop and implement ideas/projects in HEIs
  • 3 participants will have an opportunity to visit Kingston University for a week networking
  • innovative thinking and problem-solving
  • increase confidence and empowerment


Participation will open the door to many opportunities and positions of influence in the academic community.
The knowledge, skills, and networks gained through the project will impact participants' careers and ability to effect positive change within their institutions, even after the project ends.


The project is implemented by  Kingston University (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), the Lviv Polytechnic National University, and Tech SartUp School (Ukraine) with the British Council support among the Going Global Partnerships Gender Equality Partnerships programme.