My name is Sasha Reminny, and I am an IT entrepreneur. In the following short video series, I discuss the main points of founding your own product IT company.

Learn how to choose an idea and make it happen. Is there a need for your product in the market? Do you have the strength to implement it? How to run the first version? What is the target audience, and how to communicate with them through marketing channels? How do you express the principal value for customers and build a business model without writing a code strip?

I will introduce you to the answers to these questions in this mini-video course, which we have created in collaboration with Startup Kitchen, Tech StartUp School, and Kingston University with the support of the British Council.



Ideas. Sources of ideas

We evaluate our strengths

Product-market-founder fit triangle

Approaches to the validation of IT startup ideas

Value Proposition Canvas

Business model canvas

Target audience

Channels of interaction with the client

Customer relations


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Design thinking

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