Tech StartUp School - innovative location in Lviv

Tech StartUp School Mission

TSUS mission is creating a comfortable innovation environment for the production and implementation of different creative ideas and successful startups. Also, we help innovators, led by business coaches and mentors, go from the idea of start-ups to building a business model, finding investment and commercializing a project.

Tech StartUp School is:


1100 m2

4 floors

VR laboratory


200 +




Conference hall



Open space

We offer

A platform for the realization ideas


The opportunity to work with professionals in different spheres

Workshops, trainings, lectures, competitions of innovative projects and startups

Specialized laboratory - Tech LabInno and space for innovative development.


A variety of courses and competitions to help in creation and implement project.

Coaches and mentors - professionals at their spheres.

High quality technical support in different fields.

A comfortable environment for work.

Technopark with production facilities for the production of commercial designs and prototypes

In partnership with leading organizations

Modern equipment


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  • Develop your own business model.
  • Gain the theoretical and practical skills in the field of creation of startups.
  • Work with experts, entrepreneurs, mentors and professionals.
  • Materializing ideas into prototypes and completed products.
  • Assistance in developing invention, support and advice and projects.
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    “One of the best spaces for personal development, temporary skills, creativity with sheer territory and events”
    Oksana Yurynets
    Public figure
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    “Held a seminar for foreign interns at Tech StartUp School! Comfortable location for the event, an atmosphere that inspires for learning, creativity, innovation”
    Marta Klub
    Head of non-governmental organization AIESEC in Lviv | Content marketer at Respect.Studio
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    “One of the best educational spaces at Lviv. The variety of meetings and creativity of topics do not leave indifferent. The platform for personal development and communication!”
    Andrii Yaremko
    Student of Lviv Polytechnic National University
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    “Thank you very much for the meaningful trainings, for me as an entrepreneur, it helps a lot in my daily work! I hope that the drive will be even stronger, once again a big thank you to everyone who helps young and promising people!”
    Oleg Semen
    Entrepreneur, founder of O2 Studio