Manufacturing, invention and entrepreneurship in the coal regions of Ukraine

The project aims to develop creative and entrepreneurial activity in the district. The goal is to create a favourable environment for developing youth business ideas, training programs and mentoring.

The project envisages various activities where residents can participate to develop entrepreneurial skills. During the project, mentors and coaches will not only inspire the implementation of ideas but also support them in various directions.

ONLY: Open a New Leader in Yourself

Participants will have an opportunity to join different activities:

  • 8 mini-MBA meetings
  • networking sessions
  • mentoring sessions
  • demo day

At the end of the project, participants will:


Mentoring sessions  are an  access to a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. 1-hour individual discussions led by seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, and subject matter experts in the agri-food sector. Discover firsthand insights, lessons learned, and best practices from those who have successfully navigated the challenges of building agri-food startups. This meeting will be in the fields: marketing, business and export.  

AgriFood Awareness Event

October 21, Thursday

European Institute of Innovation and Technology in Food (EIT Food) and TechStartUp School (Lviv) аnnounce an information event «AgriFood Awareness Event». The event aims to raise awareness of global trends in food markets, discussing possibilities, problems, and innovations in the agri-food sector of Ukraine. Participants will get acquainted with the activities, grant opportunities, and projects of the European initiative EIT Food.

StartUp Breakthrough 2020

StartUp Прорив (StartUp Breakthrough) is not just a startup competition, but a long-term cooperation of startups, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and government officials.

In the previous two years, we have trained more than 50 teams, attracted more than 30 practicing businessmen and startups, organized business acquaintances and worked with more than fifty mentors, and attracted more than 100,000 investments for startups.